Series 115 - General Purpose Pump


  • Engineered for small capacity applications to suit light and medium service duties.
  • Operate equally well in both directions and possess excellent vacuum developing characteristics.
  • The “gear‐within‐a‐gear” pumping principle with cushioned positive flow action, assures non‐pulsating transfer of liquid.
  • Handle most liquids thin or thick and their compact design fits into most space restrictions.
  • Ideally suited for direct drives at nominal motor speed of 950 to 1750 RPM and reducer or belt drive down to 100 RPM.


Max. Capacity Differential Pressure Temperature Range Max. Viscosity
114 L/min (30 USGPM) 690 kPa (100 PSI) 450°F (232°C) 250,000 SSU (55,00 cSt)


Size Standard Port Nominal Capacity At Max. Speed Max.Speed Max. Pressure
Inches GPM L/min RPM PSI kPa
H 1 15 57 1750 100 690
HX4 1.5 32 121 1750 100 690